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At Metanoia: The Positive Mind we endeavor to provide one stop counseling and psychotherapy solutions for most sections of our society.

We aim to address the most prevalent disorders and problems which afflict our society in the current times based on our experience and on interactions with clients across the spectrum of the society.

The services that are offered are classified in different categories as given below.

Relationship Counseling

Since we are all living in a society and have relationships in our families and extended families, some or more amount of discord between members in a relationship is bound to occur. At times this may become rather acute and take extreme connotations. The following different types of counseling are offered in this regards

  • Marriage or Couples Counseling. This includes pre marital as well as post marital counseling and includes the issues like coping with transition, expectation management with each other as well as extended families and conflict resolutions.
  • Intra Family Counseling. Whether it is joint families or nuclear families or the transition between the two, they are facing problems of compatibility and inter personal conflicts. These problems manifest themselves as chronic depression and anxiety and also have secondary effects at other places in society and workplace.


Parenting can be a terrifying responsibility to take on for most of us. Being responsible for bringing a child into the world and raising him/her right is something many of us might feel unprepared for. With Parent counseling we ensure that the bond between parent and child is strengthened by understanding parenting styles and adopting changes as per the child.

What children do or achieve in their lives has direct and an overbearing connection with the kind of parenting the child has been subjected to.

Child & Adolescent Counseling

The primary goal of child & adolescent counseling is to reduce barriers to your child's academic and behavioral performance. Barriers to success come in many shapes and sizes. Whether it is reducing anxiety, working on study skills, developing healthy friendships, facing problems at home, setting goals or addressing bullying at school, to name a few. Counseling provides a safe and confidential environment for your child to speak with a caring, professional counselor who can support his or her development.

Career Guidance

With the increasing number of career options available today it has become far more complex a decision. It requires an individual's interest, skill set, qualifications and personality to correspond with the career of choice. Moreover, there are various emotional hazards such as doubt, confusion and apprehension in a Child's mind.

With our Career Counseling segment we help you to understand your inclinations and aspirations and get a broad view of the plethora of career options available in the market. We introduce you to a fresh perspective toward your career choices and in doing so enable you to analyze the best matches and map them out as per your strength.

Online Counseling

Rapid changes in technology and Internet of Things (IoT) are changing the way we connect and communicate with each other. The aim of online counseling is to make counseling and psychotherapy sessions more accessible to everyone and reach out and provide relief to more and more people. Please see the section on Online Counseling Sessions.

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Special Counseling

While the symptoms remain almost similar in nature however the specific target areas require different approaches to counseling. These are classified as following.

  • Corporate / Business Life Counseling.  These can be of two different types as given below.
    • People in the corporate sector face severe stress. This is mostly due to large expectations from their superiors as well as greater ambition to succeed and acquire wealth. This results in long hours at work including weekends. Such a lifestyle over time has adverse impact on health and their relationships which in turn cause stress and depression. Such professionals need counseling to get a correct perspective of life and create a better life work balance.
    • On the other hand Entrepreneurs who take greater risk in terms of heavy loans / personal savings for their venture and any setback or business failure due to market conditions or otherwise drives them to severe stress, depression and even suicide. These people need timely counseling to inculcate the ability to face failure and remove suicidal tendencies.
  • Patient Counseling. The patients of different ages and diseases particularly chronic and terminal diseases and those with a social stigma like HIV have acute cognitive stress and depression associated with them. This needs to be alleviated. Also pre surgery and post trauma patients need therapeutic counseling. Counseling of such patients improves their chances of treatment and also enables greater acceptability of their condition.
  • Senior Citizens Counseling. At certain ages due to isolation and loss of physical abilities the aged groups tend to slip into acute depression, self pity and denials that further exacerbate their existing minor ailments and hasten aging. Counseling them helps them to join the mainstream of the society and live a wholesome life.