Online Counseling

Scheduling an Online Counseling Session – The Positive Minds

Advantages of Online Counseling

In present times where traffic and commuting in cities has become very time consuming and stressful and also the fact that in the Internet of Things more and more commerce and services are shifting online, having a Counseling session through online means is a wonderful alternative and has the following distinct advantages:-

  • It can be done from the comfortable and familiar environs of your home.
  • It entails saving of time and cost incurred in travel and other related activities.
  • In case of working professionals it would enable them to schedule a session on a weekday itself which was not possible due to excessive travel time.
  • Since one is in a comfortable atmosphere a person would be more open and forthcoming about his/her personal information and the situation at hand. Thus result in greater honesty and ensures a higher rate of success or shortened therapy sessions.
  • It offers greater anonymity and privacy for the person since he does not have to meet anyone during travel to a therapy center nor meet any other people at the reception or in waiting rooms etc.
  • Online counseling can also be beneficial for any disabled person or one who is temporarily unable to move like a person with a broken leg.

Scheduling your Counseling Session

  • The online sessions are at present available between 5 pm to 8 pm every day from Monday to Saturday. All one has to do is to fill the form given below giving out the preferred date and time the session is desired. To ensure greater flexibility we would ask you to fill up two options. The Positive Mind staff would get back to you confirming the date and time of the appointment.
  • Once the appointment is confirmed you would be directed to a link where online payment and the amount to be paid would be specified. All online counseling sessions would have to be paid up in advance.
  • The moment the payment is confirmed you would receive a onetime code and a link from where you would need to fill that code at the given time to enter into a one on one session  private session with the therapist

Ground Rules for Online Counseling Sessions

In order to optimize the benefits of online sessions the following points should be adhered to and which are simple to follow:-

  • The standard time of each session would be 60 minutes. Please adhere to the time given as after the time slot given to you the Therapist may have another appointment and your time would get that much shortened in case one is late. In case you miss out the session completely due to some emergency then the same may be intimated by mail and a fresh appointment would be rescheduled at no extra cost. However the rescheduling would not be done more than once.
  • Please make sure you are well settled before the time of session and there is plenty of light in the room as well as the laptop is placed on a desk as this would keep the camera steady. Sitting or lying down on the bed should not be done.
  • Make sure your device audio and video settings are optimized and you are able to converse with the counselor with direct eye contact. The room should be quiet or alternatively one could use earphones.
  • There should be no other person in the room chosen for the online session unless in subsequent session the therapist specifically asks you for another particular person to be present.
  • Make sure there are minimum distractions otherwise so that you are able to completely immerse yourself in conversing with the therapist. Cell phone should be switched off / on silent mode.
  • Depending on strength of internet other devices in your vicinity on that connection may be suspended during that time to ensure interruption free session.