Thank you Smita for helping me identify the root cause of my current difficulties. As it has helped me understand why Is struggled and has changed my life.Keep doing what you are doing because there are so many women that need help and don't even know about the support out there...............

Varsha (Banker)

It was a very difficult stage of my life but you helped me more than I could imagine.You gave some powerful and healing mental tools which enabled me to work on my behavior. Thank you Smita for the new assertive and confident individual that I am...........................................................

Avinash ( Manager)

Personally I would recommend this help to all the women.It has given me more freedom in life I am now in control of my feeling and have learned to say no freely and without guilt. Life is better that it has ever been. It is also helping my family as I am calmer and happy person.....................................

Gaeetika ( Homemaker)

Just a token of my appreciation for getting me through what has been a very dark time and for pointing out the areas that I need to focus on. I in myself have managed to get closer to the end of the tunnel and have started to think rationally.......................................................

Kavitha ( Financier)

She is down to earth...listens to your problem, gives enough time to each client and analyses the problem in depth. She gives details explanation and suggestion to work upon ...it took 3 sessions for me to notice a change after 2yrs of suffering.. I am thankful to the insight that she gave me. Now I am able to deal positively with my behavioral issues....thanks again to Smita Ma'am

Piyush Arora (student)

Great Experience, Nice and friendly approach with me and my parents which helps in being comfortable to share any kind of problem with Ma'am. She has a great way of explaining the situation and providing a practical way to deal with it. Highly recommended…

Abhishek (student)

Visited for difference with parents.
It is good to meet Smita Ma'am she changed my life & turned it into full of Happiness .Now I look for solutions rather then problem. Looking forward for the next appointment.

Aradana (student)

My child was having anxiety issues and was unable to concentrate and focus while giving exam. After consultation with Smita Ma'am. I can see visible change in my child.
Would recommend the reader to visit in case of any minor or major problems related to anger, academic performance, behavioral issues. mental illness, child problem. Etc.

Jayanti (relaxed mother)

Visited for anger management
Good Counselor! Awesome experience she provided the right advice and assurance and I'm feeling so much better after two sessions. I have learned to put across my point assertively. Thank you Ma'am for your help.. I feel good everyday! :-)

Reena. (Housewife)

After lot of searching about counselor. Was not confident about going to a counselor. Then my friend recommended Smita Misra psychotherapist cum counselor. To be frank was really anxious for this session. But session went very well. she hears you very patience, even if you ask same and same questions repeatedly as you tend to because of your fear. Gave me options and never forced anything on us. To summarize very satisfied with approach and Solutions provided.. Thanks a lot to my friend and Smita Misra..

Harish (college student)

My child has been suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder since past 2years. Was afraid to give medicine to my child. So decided to try therapy before going in for medicine. I will say Smita was really nice in hearing all my doubts and complaints. Then explained me in detail everything about therapy that she intends to use to change the way of thinking. Only two sessions and I can see visible change in my child( 70% better already).

Thank you so much Smita Ma'am..; God bless you..Cathy

It has been an outstanding experience to talk to you ma'am. You patiently heard all my doubts and problems and helped me to sort them out. Session with you also helped me to sort out my career related doubts and issues. It was really helpful for me.

Sona (Student)

Life some times become complicated when you get over involved with the people you love.Rather we our selves make it troublesome with our apprehensions and biases.....fortunately I met Smita Misra at that point of my life.....Just the realisation changed every thing......Thank you Smitaji for helping me out...Love you for this.


The session by smita Misra are eye opener as we are into so many things, handling multiple responsibilities and trying to fix up at best.The guidance leads us to look into the practical aspect and take decisions which help us make life better and more appealing than before. Thanks for bringing those changes as a person.Which helped me sort the challenges I was facing. Also during training sessions ice breaking activities and other activities are motivational and aspiring that provides practical approach towards life.

Nidhi Agarwal (Educationist)

Smita has excellent ice breaking ideas. Her approach towards the subject is unconventional.one never knows when one starts morphing ones conclusion and notion.

Monika (Mother and Educationist)

The Personality development workshop was informative and very helpful for our personality.

Roshan Chandra Sharma...GPIL

Its really great workshop on personality and time management.It inspires me to manage my time constructively.

Amarnath Tiwari...GPIL

Interactive approach during workshop and practical implementation was very useful. We learned how to self analyse and explore ways to change negative thoughts into positive ones.

Shubhrendu Sarkar...GPIL (Godawari Power and Ispat Limited)

As a teacher we are doing a wonderful job but sometimes we need to change or mould ourself according To the need of the student.So by attending this workshop on adolescent development I am now able to understand areas of concern and apply the strategies to deal with different issues they are facing.

Miss Anu Biswal..Bhartiya Vidya Bhavans..

After attending the workshop on adolescence as a teacher I understand more about emotional aspect of an adolescent and Know how to help a rebellious and notorious child.

Shashikala Yadav..N.H Goel World School

Workshop on adolescence has made me understand a lot about the area of concern.

Anil Chauhan..N.H Goel world school

Presentation style was good. Keep it up.

Rajesh Agarwal..Real Ispat